To view abstracts for the papers to be presented, click here.

Unless otherwise noted, all events will take place in the Founder’s Room, Lovett Hall

Friday, February 21, 2014

1:00pm–1:15pm – Opening Remarks

1:15pm–3:00pm – Africa and the Americas
Chair: Ben Wright (Doctoral Candidate, History, Rice University)
Discussant: Violet M. Johnson (Texas A&M University)
Caree Banton (University of Arkansas)
“Shifting Frontiers of Freedom, Citizenship, and Nationhood in Caribbean Post-Emancipation”
Beverly Tomek (University of Houston-Victoria)
“A ‘Pilgrimage’ to the ‘Motherland’ or an Imperialistic Exploration: Martin R. Delany and Robert Campbell in Africa”
Andrew Wegmann, (Louisiana State University)
“‘None but Persons of Color Shall be Admitted’: The Liberian Colonization Movement in Monrovia, New Orleans, and Petersburg, Va., 1831-1859”

3:15pm–5:00pm – Race, Politics, and Mobility in the British Atlantic
Chair: D. Andrew Johnson (Doctoral Student, History, Rice University)
Discussant: Laura Rosanne Adderley (Tulane University)
Ikuko Asaka, (University of Illinois)
“The Era of Emancipations and Revolutions: European Political Exiles and Self-Emancipated and Free Black Migrants in Canada”
Natasha Lightfoot, (Columbia University)
“The Fugitive Slave John Ross and Atlantic Currents of Freedom”
Matthew Spooner, (Columbia University)
“Freedom, Reenslavement, and Movement in the Revolutionary South”

5:30pm–7:00pm – Opening Keynote Address (Fondren Library)
Jack P. Greene (Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University)
“The Enduring Legacy of Exclusionary Subjecthood in Making and Remaking the Atlantic World”

7:00pm–9:00pm – Dinner and Reception
Rice Arts Gallery

Saturday, February 22, 2014

8:30am–9:00am – Breakfast and Coffee

9:00am–11:00am – Race and Nationality in Iberian America
Chair: Ashley Evelyn (Doctoral Student, History, Rice University)
Discussant: Philip A. Howard (University of Houston)
James Sanders, (Utah State University)
“‘All the Inhabitants of This America Are Citizens:’ Imagining Equality, Nation and Citizenship in an Atlantic Frame”
Charlton Yingling, (University of South Carolina)
“From Santo Domingo to ‘the Spanish part of Haiti’: Contests of Race, Nation, and Citizenship on Hispaniola, 1809-1822”
K. Aaron Van Oosterhout, (Michigan State University)
“‘Scrambled Indians’: Race, Identity, and Rebellion in Western Mexico, 1854-1873”
Celso Thomas Castilho, (Vanderbilt University)
“Narrating Abolition, Marking Blackness: Race, Republicanism, and Political Belonging in Recife, Brazil, 1888-1889”

11:15am–12:15pm – Race, Place, and Color
Chair: W. E. Skidmore II (Doctoral Student, History, Rice University)
Discussant: Nikki Taylor (Texas Southern University)
Edward Molloy, (Queens University Belfast)
“Race and Citizenship in Mid-Nineteenth Century Ireland”
Franz Hensel-Riveros, (University of Texas at Austin/Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá-Colombia)
“Race Beyond Skin Color? Hemispheric Distinctions, Political Imagination, and Intellectual Practices of Difference in Americas’ fin de siècle

12:15pm–1:45pm – Lunch

12:30pm–1:30pm – Roundtable on Atlantic World as a Pedagogical Tool

1:45pm–2:45pm – Race, Freedom, and the Law
Chair: Cara Rogers (Doctoral Student, History, Rice University)
Discussant: W. Caleb McDaniel (Rice University)
Philip Kaisary, (University of Warwick)
“The Haitian Revolution’s Radical Constitutionalism: Slavery, Nationality, and Citizenship in the Atlantic World”
Martha Jones, (University of Michigan)
“Navigating Free Black Citizenship: Port City Encounters from Baltimore to Rio de Janeiro”

3:15pm–5:15pm – Citizenship and Emancipation
Chair: Biko Gray (Doctoral Candidate, Religious Studies, Rice University)
Discussant: Matthew Clavin, (University of Houston)
Rachel Purvis, (Yale University)
“Reconstructing the Cherokee Nation: Emancipation and Citizenship in a Native Nation”
Paul Polgar, (Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture/College of William and Mary)
“More than Emancipation: Envisioning Black Citizenship in Early National America”
Gad Heuman, (Unviersity of Warwick)
“Apprenticeship and Emancipation in the Caribbean: The Seeds of Citizenship”

5:30pm–7:00pm – Closing Keynote Address (Fondren Library)
Julie Saville, (University of Chicago)
“Beyond Manumission: Liberties, Re-enslavement and the Fragments of Atlantic Slave Emancipations”


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