Keynote Speakers

Jack P. Greene, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, will deliver the opening address for the symposium on February 21st.

Jack Greene has a long and distinguished career as a historian of Early America and the Atlantic World. The author of a number books on the United States and the British Atlantic, as well as the founder of Johns Hopkins University’s Program in Atlantic History and Culture, Professor Greene is a seminal figure in the field of Atlantic History. He will deliver a keynote address examining the role of exclusionary subjecthood in the construction of the Atlantic World.


Julie Saville, Associate Professor in the Department of History at University of Chicago, will deliver a concluding address on the evening of February 22nd.

Julie Saville’s research and teaching are focused on plantation societies of the southern United States and regions of the Caribbean from the 18th through the 20th centuries. She is especially interested in how broad historical changes during the era of trans-Atlantic slave emancipations are related to daily life, the social relations of labor, and popular forms of political expression. Her address will discuss the political culture of enslaved people in the French Caribbean and Atlantic World following the Haitian and French Revolutions.


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